Ex-SGF Babachir Lawal Claims Obi Won the 2023 Presidential Election

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According to Babachir Lawal, a former federal secretary, Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, and not Bola Tinubu, won the election held on February 25.

The election results showed that Tinubu had won, as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Additionally, Tinubu’s election as president was upheld by the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal.

On Tuesday, however, Babachir Lawal released a statement claiming that Obi had won with the plurality of votes and Atiku had come in second place.

He claims that Bola Tinubu received fewer votes than the third-place finisher.

Among the statements made were,

Ever since my embarrassing election gaffe in May 2023, I have resisted the urge to participate in the political discussion that has since taken center stage.

“I did this for two reasons: first, the rainy season had just started, and my farms are the mainstay of my livelihood, so I needed to focus on them; and second, as an active player in the drama, I needed time to analyze and digest the data that led to the outcome(s) so that I could arrive at an informed decision.

In light of the avalanche of new information about Bola Tinubu’s background that has just been made public, it is currently a hot topic of political discussion and investigation whether or not he actually won the presidential election.

To address your first question, no matter what INEC or the Appeal Court rules, Bola did not win the election.

Bola knew from the beginning of the campaigns that he had no chance of winning the election in a fair race.

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“Assembled evidence from multiple credible sources suggests that Obi received the most votes, with Atiku coming in second. In terms of votes, Bola finished way down in third place.

He suggested that the president step down to avoid further disgrace.

My response to your second question is that he should have recused himself from the election out of good conscience given the torrent of negative publicity around him at the moment.

Nonetheless, I think he still has the chance to spare himself the public humiliation and embarrassment, both domestically and globally, by retiring to focus on his health.

“After all, no one but the individual himself knows whether or not these extremely painful and humiliating disclosures about him are true.

The power to unite and instill optimism and confidence in the people one tries to lead depends on the leader’s integrity. Most Nigerians feel that Bola severely lacks these characteristics. “, the message continued.

Lawal claimed that Tinubu has not yet appointed a qualified individual to any of his positions.

When asked, he remarked,

Now that Bola and his supporters have taken over the government, they have free rein over all of Nigeria’s riches. They’re living it up in their offices while the people of Nigeria suffer from widespread violence, poverty, and despair.

We have yet to see the competence Bola claimed to have throughout the campaign reflected in his political appointments. He seems to be thanking those who helped him get elected president.Bola’s hand-picked cabinet members don’t give a hoot about the country of Nigeria.

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The Naira will continue its freefall until only they can afford to buy anything, and instability will rise until every neighborhood in the country is threatened.

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