Drama as the newly elected governor of Kaduna vows to contest the PDP results

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Senator Uba Sani, the incumbent governor-elect of Kaduna State, has declared that he will appeal certain election results in which the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the opposition party, won by improbable margins.

The newly elected governor expressed surprise that the PDP was able to win some local government areas (LGAs) using “bogus figures” when speaking with the BBC’s Hausa Service, which was being watched in Kaduna.

In order to challenge the PDP’s victory in those areas, Sani, who ran as a candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC), said he would go before the Elections Petition Tribunal. He also predicted that after the decision, his lead over PDP candidate Isa Ashiru would grow.

You may recall that Prof. Sani, the vice chancellor of the Usman Dan Fodio University in Sokoto and the returning officer for Kaduna State, declared Sani the winner. a Monday, Lawal Bilbis.

The election results show that Sani received 730,002 votes overall, beating out Ashiru, who received 719,196 votes, by a margin of 10,806 votes.

The governor-elect cited Chikun LGA, where the opposition received more than 89,000 votes, as an example of where the elections were marred by irregularities in areas where the PDP won. He described the results as unbelievable.

However, he pledged to the residents of Kaduna State that, as governor, he would “be fair and even-handed to all, including those who didn’t vote for me.”. The election result has pleased me. People turned out to vote for me. “.

The governor-elect responded to claims that his election was rigged by saying that such claims are typical of Nigerian politicians and that “God gives power to whomever He wants and when He wants.”. “.

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He recalled that in 2011, after losing the Kaduna Central senatorial election, his supporters urged him to file a lawsuit, but he declined, reasoning that it was not the right time. He later added, “As God willed it, I became a senator in 2019.”. “.

The newly elected governor said he was confident he would prevail at the Elections Petition Tribunal, where the opposition had promised to contest his election. He also said he would take the PDP to court over its “bogus victory” in some LGAs.

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