AU Summit: Tinubu and Lula da Silva have meetings as commerce between Nigeria and Brazil reaches $1.6 billion

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Presidents Bola Tinubu and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil met on Sunday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as the ongoing African Union conference gained momentum.

Ajuri Ngelale, President Tinubu’s Special Advisor on Media and Publicity, said that their talks were quite productive, particularly as they focused on building comprehensive bilateral ties in all areas.

According to the Brazilian president, trade between Brazil and Nigeria used to be worth over $10 billion, but it has since dropped to just $1.6 billion. He expressed his resolve to improve bilateral ties.

However, in an attempt to court his colleague to invest in Nigeria, Tinubu highlighted the country’s strong economic potential and influence, claiming that despite some short-term reform difficulties, Nigeria is seeing rapid progress because his administration is removing all barriers to business.

In order to guarantee the wellbeing of all Nigerian citizens and to build sustainable economic success for future generations, he went on to say that his administration is making investments in vital economic sectors including healthcare, education, and agriculture.

Young Nigerians are a vibrant demographic that can be trained, are trustworthy, and ought to be given more authority. Nigeria has phenomenal economic potential. We are prepared to tear down every barrier preventing us from moving forward.

“We are prepared to combat corruption on all fronts. We are prepared to make investments in vital fields such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, and agriculture, among others. He remarked, “I have one of the most committed teams in agriculture.

President Lula da Silva compared Nigeria’s abundance in natural resources and human capital to that of Brazil, noting that the two largest economies in Africa and South America had a rich and fascinating history together.

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“I am back to try to restore; to reclaim our good relations with Nigeria,” declared Lula da Silva. It seems inconceivable that there could be weak connections between a nation with 216 million citizens and another with 213 million.

“Mister President, My age is 78 years old. It is 71 years old. I fight for a purpose, which is what gives me energy. the cause of my people and country. The key to long-term energy for seasoned leaders is a meaningful cause.

From an academic, cultural, commercial, agricultural, industrial relations, and trade relations perspective, Nigeria and Brazil require closer ties.

“The lack of direct flights from Lagos to Sao Paulo and vice versa is meaningless. That is beyond my comprehension. That is something we need to solve over at a table. There are numerous opportunities for cooperation in the aviation sector with our manufacturers that want to be more present in Africa.

“Your Excellency, I only have three more years remaining in my mandate to complete everything that I haven’t already done. There is not much time left. I want to do all in my power to strengthen our relationship with Nigeria as soon as possible. We need to put our ministers to work if we are to make this happen,” he stated.

President Tinubu responded, stating that Brazil is a “legacy of what can be done together to change the future for countless millions of our citizens” and that Nigeria is prepared to strengthen its relationship with that country.

“We will stop at nothing to get rid of any obstacles to doing business. All around us, red tape is being torn apart. We shall stop at nothing to realize our country’s enormous potential. From the bottom up, we are combating corruption. We’ll stop it and take care of the damage.

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“We are well aware of your progressive contributions to Petrobras’ infrastructure, reforms, and social security provisions. Similar reforms are also being implemented in the NNPCL. Our investment priorities include new production and new energy sources. In every area of our operations, we are reducing barriers to new alliances and investing in research. The President stated, “There is opportunity for both companies in a partnership.”

President Tinubu stressed that there is a strong desire between the two leaders to work together, even as he listed areas of current concern, including solid mineral exploration, agriculture, healthcare, and education.

“I agree that direct flight linkages between our countries are now necessary. I will appoint cabinet members to a committee that will collaborate closely with your cabinet ministers to swiftly develop a cooperative strategy that will benefit our two magnificent nations. Even if we’ve lost out on things in the past, we’re looking forward now.

Nigeria and Brazil have much in common. Let’s go past past transgressions. Brazil’s agriculture has grown at an incredible rate; it is an example to follow. In order to improve output quality and quantity, we will collaborate with you to mechanize our food manufacturing methods. The President said, “I will collaborate with you to revitalize Nigeria’s relations with Brazil overall.

The heads of the biggest democracies in South America and Africa, respectively, decided to arrange President Tinubu’s state visit to Brazil. President Lula da Silva had invited President Tinubu, and the Nigerian president had graciously accepted.

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