Akeredolu’s ultimatum has been slammed by young APC members in the south west

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The Southwest region’s APC youth wing has criticized its PDP counterparts for issuing an ultimatum to the Governor of Ondo State Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to return to the state from his residence in Ibadan.

The APC youths who converged on Akure, the state capital, yesterday said there is no vacuum in the governance of the state despite rumors to the contrary. Akeredolu is expected to come to the state soon.

Akeredolu’s departure from the state was exclusively to heal and regain his vigor, Comrade Kolade Lawal, the youth leader of the party in the region, stressed during a press briefing.

The PDP’s youth wing issued an ultimatum to Akeredolu on Monday, giving him three days to come to the state or resign.

The opposition parties have threatened him, but in a few days he will join us. There are no outstanding salary payments from the state of Ondo. The governor has arrived in Ibadan. It’s crucial that he get some shut-eye.

Governance activities are ongoing. He is making a speedy recovery. The Obas and other organizations met with him via Zoom. He has been interacting with others.

We have faith that he will make a full recovery and be able to be with us again soon. In the biblical account of creation, even God took a day of rest on the seventh day.

That even leaders are subject to the difficulties of flesh and blood is demonstrated by Governor Akeredolu’s decision to seek rest and change his customary work schedule to allow him to fully recuperate.

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Let us not forget Mr. Governor’s hard-fought days on our behalf. When herdsmen went on a killing rampage in the Southwest, he remained firm and defended Ondo State and the region. He has been an unwavering support and advocate for the powerless. This courtesy and confidence is due to him. He’s been the team’s leader this entire year.

His words.

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