NYSC is telling married people who are joining that they should go live with their husbands in their state

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The National Youth Service Corps wants married women who are going to be posted to a different state than their husbands to ask to go to a different place.

On Monday, the program told everyone on Twitter.

People who are in the scheme but have not taken an official oath yet are called PMCs until they do so in their assigned camps.

After taking an oath, they are called “corps members” and they spend 21 days in a camp from the day they are sent there.

The message says that if you are a lady who is married and going to join NYSC in 2023 as Batch A Stream 2, you should pay attention. If you are going to a state where your husband does not live, then you should go to the NYSC Orientation Camp near you and ask to change where you will be deployed.

They have to go to the Orientation Camps when they are registered and bring copies of their wedding and important papers to prove it.

NYSC is a program created by the Nigerian government in 1973 to help Nigerian graduates contribute to the development of their country.

It was created using an order called Decree No. The scheme was made to help Nigerian youth become closer and have pride in their country.

To qualify for the Scheme, graduates must be 30 years old or younger when they graduate. If someone finished school before they were 30 years old but didn’t do a year of community service, they can still qualify for something because their graduation certificate shows they finished before they turned 30.

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People who are over 30 get a Certificate of Exemption instead of the NYSC Discharge Certificate.

After finishing their year of service, Corps members who perform well receive a certificate that shows they participated satisfactorily in the program.

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