Zamfara government pays N13.4 billion of the arrears in gratuities

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The Zamfara State Government has started paying retired civil officials in the state their outstanding gratuities, which total N13.4 billion.

Remember that in order to settle the gratuity debt accrued from 2011 to the present, the state government formed a committee to verify the information of retired governmental personnel.

The governor’s spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, announced in a statement on Saturday that the retirees who have been due gratuities since 2011 had begun to get their payouts.

According to the announcement, payment for the backlog of gratuities that has accrued over the years started on Thursday and is currently being cleared.

“The State government has made a noteworthy advancement in resolving the unpaid gratuity debt owed to retirees, encompassing contract, retirement, and death gratuities,” the statement continued.

In order to pay off the debt of gratuities that has accrued since 2011, Governor Dauda Lawal established a commission to verify and confirm retiree data.

“The government found that the entire sum owing from state and local governments is 13.4 billion Naira after authenticating the data of retired civil servants.”

“The committee has already made significant progress in physically verifying beneficiaries and authenticating data submitted by the state pension commission and local government.”

“Since Thursday, verified retired state and local government employees have started receiving their gratuity payments.”

“The government would make sure that all retirees receive their gratuities and are verified without any issues.”

“By saving and improving the state, the Zamfara State Government is keeping its pledge to serve the people of the State.”

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