The President of Nigeria, Buhari, went on a religious trip to Saudi Arabia. The Presidency has explained why he did this

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The President went to Saudi Arabia for religious reasons and the Presidency has explained why.

Garba Shehu, who is Buhari’s spokesman, said that Buhari recently went on a trip to Saudi Arabia to thank Allah. This was because Buhari is getting ready to give his position to Bola Tinubu, who will be his successor. This information was reported by NAN.

Shehu said Buhari went to a holy place to thank God for doing well during his time as a leader for eight years.

Garba spoke to the press about why the President went to the Holy Land. He said that Buhari went there to thank God for his 8 years of service to Nigeria.

Buhari went to Madinah with his helpers. He looked at some old and special places related to religion, like a museum in the city. He did this as part of his work in the Holy City.

At the Museum, the President said that it’s very important for Muslims all over the world to share the true knowledge of Islam.

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