The Nigerian Army issues a warning: “We will destroy vessels caught stealing crude oil

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The Nigerian Army has promised to follow established rules of engagement and destroy the ship Harbor Spirit, which was detained and is thought to have been stealing crude oil.

The Army also stated that all of the crew members who had been detained on board the ship would be flown to Abuja so that Defense Intelligence could conduct an investigation.

Brig. Gen. Ugochukwu Vitus Unachukwu, Commander of the Nigerian Army’s 63 Brigade, made this statement during a visit and inspection by members of the House of Representatives Committee on petroleum Oil Theft, who were looking into two seized vessels—MT Kali and Harbor Spirit—that were purportedly carrying stolen petroleum.

The federal government is determined to eradicate oil theft, according to Brig. Gen. Unachukwu, adding, “We will pursue it to a logical conclusion.”

He issued a dire warning to oil thieves, stating that the country depends on the industry’s revenue.

He issued a warning, saying that anyone seen pilfering a gallon of crude oil would be considered a “national Saboteur.”

According to Brig. Gen. Unachukwu, TANTITA Security Services operators working with the Armed Forces apprehended the ship and every member of the crew.

In the meantime, the crew members detained on the Harbor Spirit were urged by the House of Representatives Committee on Crude Oil Theft to assist the appropriate law enforcement agencies in establishing their innocence.

The National Assembly and the House of Representatives Committee on Oil and Gas, in particular, are gravely concerned about issues of oil theft, pipeline vandalism, and other crises in the oil-producing states, according to Committee Chairman Alhassan Ado Doguwa, who led others on the visit to inspect the two vessels.

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“We represent all of you, but there is nothing we can do,” he uttered. You must assist security in order to establish your innocence.

Oil-producing Doguwa told reporters in a conversation that the House of Representatives Committee on Crude Oil Theft visited the two ships to get firsthand knowledge of what was going on in the Niger Delta region’s oil and gas business.

“Therefore, we came to observe for ourselves. I want to inform you that we are all out to see the increased production of oil and gas in the Country on behalf of the National Assembly, particularly the House of Representatives and Relevant Committee Chairman of the Oil and Gas Committee.”

According to the legislator, the Committee on Crude Oil Theft will keep working as closely as possible to cooperate and collaborate with TANTITA security, the Nigerian Security Agencies, and other organizations to see how they can support the safety of the country’s assets across the nation.

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