The Constitution permits having two citizenships – Fashola supports Tinubu

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Babatunde Raji Fashola, who is in charge of building and housing in Nigeria, shared his thoughts about the problem around the rumor that the person who won the election to become Nigeria’s next President has citizenship in two different countries.

David Hundeyin, who is a journalist who often causes disagreement, said on Twitter last weekend that Tinubu has two citizenships – one in Nigeria and another in Guinea-Conakry.

Hundeyin said that Tinubu declared in a form to INEC that he has not become a citizen of any other country.

It is said that they discovered that the ex-governor of Lagos has a passport from Guinea, which shows that he was born in Nigeria but became a citizen of Guinea.

People on Twitter asked lawyers from all over the country to take legal action against the president-elect for lying under oath.

Fashola said on a TV show that having two passports doesn’t affect who wins elections.

He said people can have two citizenships under the Constitution. When asked if he was going against the Constitution, Fashola said he would check more information.

He spoke.
I know he has a Nigerian passport, but I don’t know if he has citizenship in any other country. When he went into exile, he lived outside of Nigeria but I don’t know if he became an American citizen or not.

How does that relate to the election results? As far as I know, people are allowed to have two citizenships in Nigeria. Doesn’t it seem so?

I’ll see if it’s true, but I think that having two citizenships shouldn’t make you ineligible in Nigeria because their law lets you have both.

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