A pastor was taken into custody for causing the deaths of four of his followers. He had instructed them to stop eating so that they could meet Jesus

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A pastor from Kenya named Makenzie Nthenge has been taken into custody because of the death of four people who followed him. He allegedly told them to stop eating so they could see Jesus, which caused their deaths.

Police went to the Shakahola forest by Malindi on April 14. They got reports that some people were starving and believed they had to meet Jesus. They thought a man called Makenzie Nthenge, who is a pastor at Good News International Church, brainwashed these people.

When the police searched, they found four people dead and took eleven people to the hospital. The hospital has three patients who are very sick. 11 people went to the hospital. They were seven men and four women. Their ages were between 17 and 49.

The leader of the church got arrested after he gave himself up because he knew that the police were trying to find him. This was stated by Charles Kamau, who is in charge of criminal investigations in the Malindi area.

Kamau said that the pastor is in prison before going to court on Monday, April 17.

On Saturday, investigators will keep looking in Shakahola forest. They think there might be a big grave where more people who believed the same thing might be buried.

The police report said that they think there are more people hurt in the forest that belongs to the person they suspect.

Last month, Nthenge got arrested and accused of not taking care of two children who died because they didn’t have enough food. Local news sources reported this. He was let go after paying 100,000 Kenyan shillings ($700) as bail money.

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