The APC stops Cross River Commissioner, Ekpenyong Iso from work temporarily – Read all the information

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The APC in Cross River State stopped Mr. Ekpenyong Iso from being the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism.

Iso was punished for being accused of going against the party and mishandling money.

The Ward 8 Chairman and Secretary in Calabar made a statement together on Wednesday saying that someone’s suspension has been decided.

You are temporarily not allowed to participate because we are still checking if you did anything wrong. Some people say you took money from the party and did things against the party’s rules. We have a special group trying to find out what really happened.

So, while you’re suspended, you can’t participate in any parties or events. This starts right away.

The message said.

He says he didn’t misuse any money during the election and denied the suspension.

He said that he wasn’t really suspended and that someone who is not honest wrote it. He said that what they accused him of is not true.

He said that leaders of the group in charge of a certain area will talk soon to disagree with the statement because it is not true.

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