Stay away from unnecessary travel to Uganda, the NCDC advises Nigerians

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The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has urged Nigerians against making unnecessary trips to Uganda in the wake of an Ebola epidemic in the East African country.

In a statement issued on October 31st, the NCDC stated that it has put in place a number of safeguards to avert and lessen the effects of a potential epidemic in Nigeria, including the creation of an incident action plan and stepping up point of entry (POE) surveillance.

Nigerians have been advised to postpone any unnecessary trip to Uganda until the outbreak has been declared under control by public health authorities.

“Travelers are urged to avoid contact with obviously ill people or suspected cases of Ebola when visiting Uganda,” the notification said.

“Persons already in Nigeria but with recent travel history to or transit through Uganda within the past 21 days should promptly call 6232 or state ministry of health hotlines for assessment and testing if they experience symptoms such as fever, muscle pain, sore throat, diarrhoea, weakness, vomiting, stomach pain, or unexplained bleeding or bruising.

“Such individuals should not travel to medical institutions alone to prevent additional spread through the common transportation system” (public or private).

Dedicated responders would visit them at home for an evaluation and, if necessary, transport them via the specified transport arrangement to the designated treatment facility.

“Intending travelers to Nigeria with the aforementioned symptoms prior to departure should call to report right away to the port health authorities and/or designated health authorities in the country of departure for testing and treatment.

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When becoming ill while in transit, inbound travelers to Nigeria with a recent history of travel to or via Uganda must avoid contact with other people and must report to the Port Health Services when they arrive at the point of entry into Nigeria.

“To guarantee that health professionals follow up with them, travelers with a history of travel to Uganda who arrive without symptoms should enter accurate information on the NITP portal.

“Please: Self-isolate promptly by staying indoors if any of the aforementioned symptoms manifest at any point within 21 days of arriving in Nigeria.”

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