Shallipopi says, “I’m Scared Of Falling In Love,” and she provides reasons

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Nigerian musician Crown Uzama, better known by his stage name Shallipopi, has admitted that he is afraid of falling in love because of how easily his heart may break.

Shallipopi disclosed in a recent episode of The Receipts Podcast that he was reluctant to pursue romantic relationships because of emotional vulnerability stemming from a previous heartbreak.

Even though he describes himself as a “lover of love,” he expressed worries about the difficulties in today’s relationships and stressed the significance of finding someone who will complement him at the correct time.

According to him;

“I’m a lover of love, but this generation makes me incapable of loving.”

“I will cry if someone plays with my vulnerable heart. In the past, someone broke my heart. We were together, but after a while, things fell apart. I didn’t cause the problem.

Shallipopi also revealed that he is waiting patiently for a compatible mate and has stopped cheating in partnerships.

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