Why I keep getting invited to churches – Woli Arole, comedian

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Nigerian prominent content creator Bayegun Oluwatoyin, also known as Woli Arole, has revealed why, despite being a comic, churches continue to invite him to participate in their programs.

This was disclosed by Woli Arole during a Monday interview on Channels Television’s The Morning Brief program.

The content creator talked about his great career and said that because he stays inside his comic bounds, he continues to receive invitations to churches.

He pointed out that because they are not sensitive enough to steer clear of certain jokes, religious people have problems with many comedians.

“You can review all of my writing; I don’t use profanity. Our religion is precious. You must not cross any lines because, in my opinion, people of all faiths are afraid.

Hence, all I discussed when I was performing as a comic was good vibrations. Certain jokes you should never laugh at, and certain things I should never speak. And I believe it’s the reason why religious people have problems with content producers,” he remarked.

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