“Prioritize timely salary payment,” the APC chieftain tells Tinubu

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Ambassador Abayomi Nurain Mumuni, a prominent member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to prioritize paying workers’ salaries on time.

Mumuni, who ran for governor of Lagos State in 2011 as the candidate of the now-defunct Congress for Progressives Change, or CPC, made an appeal in a statement released on Wednesday and provided to Froshnaija by his media assistant, Rasheed Abubakar.

“There is no doubt that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has the best of intentions for Nigeria,” the statement he released states. This has been boldly demonstrated by his decision to take on the unscrupulous fuel subsidy regime in addition to other economic initiatives.

Nevertheless, people have experienced unexpected repercussions as a result of these regulations, making life uncomfortable and challenging.

“Our people bemoan the severe suffering they endure, particularly in light of the rising costs of goods and services. I implore Mr. President to take prompt action to address these issues and take the necessary steps.

Nothing should prevent the federal workers from receiving the N35,000 monthly palliative benefit. It’s a component of the policies intended to lessen the suffering individuals endure right now. Additionally, the government ought to move more quickly to implement the increased minimum wage and the much-discussed electric buses.

“Timely salary payments should be a top priority for the federal government, as well as for all other governments. Most of the states now receive larger amounts than they did previously. I anticipate that our governors will back federal initiatives aimed at easing the suffering of the populace. The federal government shouldn’t bear the entire burden by itself. I applaud state governments for taking this initial step. But more needs to be done for the populace. There is too much difficulty.

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