Police In Ekiti Arrest A Fake Cop And Others For Robbery

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According to state Police Commissioner Dare Ogundare, two suspected armed robbers have been detained by members of the Ekiti State Police Command.

According to the Ekiti State Police Command’s Anti-Vehicle Theft Section’s Dare Ogundare, the two suspects were found with a minibus that had allegedly been stolen from Delta State.

According to a statement from the police commissioner on Thursday titled “Ekiti State police operatives arrested two suspected robbers, recover stolen vehicle,” the two suspects, Asimiyu and Oyewunmi, were apprehended in Ado Ekiti as a result of a tip-off.

He spoke.
“Investigation showed that one of the suspects, Asimiyu, had some police kits and accoutrements in his possession and had been posing as a police officer in Delta State,” the report reads.

The chief of police said.
On March 31, 2023, the AVTS of the Ekiti State Police Command received a reliable tip that two robbers were seen in the Agric-Olope neighborhood of Ado Ekiti driving a Suzuki minibus known as the Akoto.

The AVTS agents mobilized to the scene as soon as they received the information, whereupon they detained Asimiyu and Oyewunmi.

The two suspects’ connections to Delta State, where they have been committing their crimes, were discovered during the investigation.

“They arrived in Ekiti State with the intention of carrying out their heinous crimes. It was also learned that the bus that was discovered with them had been reported as stolen by the Delta State Police Command.

The commissioner praised the support and cooperation of the general public for providing reliable and timely information to police that enabled them to make the suspects’ arrests and announced that the suspects would be turned over to Delta State Police Command for further investigation.

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Ogundare urged Ekiti residents, however, “to be security conscious and report any suspicious person or group of persons found in their environs to the nearest police station for necessary actions. “

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