LP Insists that Obi Won’t Leave Nigeria Despite Pressure

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Although there has been increased pressure on Peter Obi to leave Nigeria, the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council has insisted that he will not.

The PCC asserted that scheming individuals were behind the pressure being put on the former governor of Anambra State from some quarters in an effort to prevent Obi from seeking justice in court.

Obi reportedly claimed on Wednesday that he was under pressure to leave the country due to attacks coming from various directions against him.

In a statement posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday night, Obi added that the leaked audio conversation between him and Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, was fake and doctored.

The Obi-Datti Campaign Council, however, insisted that Obi had no intention to leave the country, despite pressure being put on him and his family, in a statement released on Thursday night by Dr. Tanko Yunusa, the council’s chief spokesperson.

The statement said,.
“Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the election for president on February 25, 2023, has been contacted by associates, wise men, family, and friends who are worried about his personal safety.

These worries have grown significantly over the past few days as Obi has undoubtedly come under intense pressure from sources close to the APC and its operatives in the security services to leave the nation.

“Mr. Obi has categorically and repeatedly been advised that he must leave Nigeria immediately if he wants to avoid being detained on unfounded charges of inciting uprising.

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“It is difficult to understand and regrettably unfortunate that state institutions have joined a well-planned, deliberate, and orchestrated campaign of slander by the APC to delegitimize Mr. Peter Obi and force him to give up his right to seek redress in court, in response to the results of the previous election, which were deemed to have failed to meet any standards of credibility or fairness both locally and internationally.

They are disseminating a fake, altered audio call as part of the larger plan. Mr. Obi never suggested that the 2023 election is or was a religious war at any point during the campaign or up to the present.

The attempts to manipulate Nigerians are despicable and very sad. Our legal team has been given the go-ahead to pursue the appropriate legal remedies against the media organizations that serve as willing tools in the hands of the APC’s nefarious propagandists. “.

Furthermore, it said.
“Mr. Obi is the target of numerous other smear campaigns that will take place both before and during the court proceedings in the near future. Despite the pressure on him and his family, we want to make it clear to the APC party, APC-led government, and its agents that Mr. Obi, a well-traveled man, has no intention of leaving the country at this time. “.

“We appeal to the people of Nigeria and the international community to warn the APC and the APC-led government to stop their vile attacks. Mr. Obi’s commitment to pulling millions of Nigerians out of multifaceted poverty, particularly in the North, and igniting prosperity through an agricultural, industrial, and technological revolution has not changed. He is focused on peacefully and legally reclaiming our mandate to secure and unite our nation.

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“He has persisted in instilling in his supporters the value of the legal system and has promised to never again support violence against the government. He has no justification for this and doesn’t appear to be in a desperate situation, especially considering that throughout the campaign, he advocated for a new Nigeria marked by opportunities for all, the eradication of poverty and criminal activity in the public sector, particularly corruption, and the elimination of bigotry related to tribe, religion, and ethnicity.

“For this reason, we make a special appeal to revered religious figures in the North, especially, to refrain from cooperating with the state apparatus’ grand plan to widen the nation’s racial and religious divide.

“We have a duty to work for the peace and coexistence of all Nigerians, regardless of the outcome of the legal process. In order to avoid needless crises in the nation, we implore President Buhari to restrain his frantic officials at all levels. “

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