Atiku told INEC that they can’t cheat in the Adamawa governorship elections three times

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Atiku Abubakar, who is running for president under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has told the people in Adamawa that they won’t let themselves be cheated for the third time. He told this to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Before, we told you that INEC stopped the election because the person in charge said that the APC governorship candidate, Aisha Binani won.

Atiku said in a statement that people should not try to change the results of the Adamawa State governorship election.

Atiku said the person in charge of elections in Adamawa State made a mistake by saying the APC candidate, Sen. (Senatorial candidate) Aisha Binani won the election, but it shows that the 2023 elections were poorly organized.

He spoke.
In Adamawa, people saw a new way of managing elections where a person in charge said the person who lost actually won.

There is no question that INEC wants APC to win the Adamawa State election no matter what.

We want to tell everyone that INEC is doing something bad to the people of Adamawa State in the elections.

We want to let everyone know that INEC’s actions could make society unsafe and cause problems.

INEC did not follow what was expected during the February and March elections. Some cheated candidates were told to go to court, even though INEC was aware of their plans.

We want to make sure everyone knows that the people in Adamawa State won’t let anyone cheat them three times in a row. We should remember that if something bad happens because of the plan, both the INEC and powerful people in the state should be responsible for it.

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The fact that the APC candidate has a speech ready to accept their win means that INEC may have promised them a win that is not fair.

The person speaking wants the person in charge of elections in Adamawa and anyone else who helped with a bad thing to be caught and punished by the law. This will stop others from doing the same thing and causing trouble for our country.

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