LAUTECH University has prohibited students from parking their cars on campus

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Students at Ladoke Akintola University in Oyo State are not allowed to drive or bring their cars to campus anymore, according to university management.

The school said that staff and students are not allowed to use cars with dark windows, and new drivers need to put their learning permits on their cars.

The head of the school, Kayode Ogunleye, wrote a message to the staff. The PUNCH newspaper in Ibadan got a copy. In the message, he said that a meeting was held on Wednesday and the managers decided something.

He spoke.
The University leaders had a meeting on Wednesday, March 22, 2023. They talked about the traffic on the campus and decided on what to do.

Students cannot bring their own cars to the university campus anymore. Cars without license plates are not allowed on campus anymore. Cars should not be parked on the side of the road anymore.

The registrar wants unauthorized cars parked on campus to be removed right away.

If you park your car where you’re not supposed to at the university, it will be removed right away. If you don’t move it, the security will do something about it.

Staff and students are not allowed to use cars with tinted windows. New drivers need to have a piece of paper called a “learner permit” on their car.

Ogunleye said that the memo was sent to lots of important people in the university, like the acting vice chancellor, bursar, university librarian, provosts and deans, directors, heads of departments/units, and the acting head of security unit.

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