The leader of a political group called APC fell down and passed away shortly after going to a meeting

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The leader of a political party in a specific place called Warri South in Delta State is called the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ward 9. His name is Mr. (unknown). Vincent Okokoje fell and passed away.

Comrade Gabriel Omorere, who leads the APC group for Ward 12, talked to some reporters and said that the report is true.

“He spoke.”
On Wednesday, we went to a meeting with a leader called Chief Ojogri from the APC party. The meeting was held in his home in Warri South. We didn’t know he had died until Thursday morning.

APC in Warri South and Delta State are surprised by the passing away of Okokoje. Okokoje, who passed away, was a kind man who enjoyed helping his friends to get along.

The dead person worked very hard. He was one of the three leaders who won their area in the recent election in Warri South Constituency II.

Omorere and other people from APC in Warri South went to Okokoje’s family to express sympathy. Omorere said they will miss the chairman who passed away.

“He left a big empty space in APC in Warri South. I hope we find someone just as good to help the party do well,” he said.

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