Keyamo To ‘Obidients’ : ‘You All Are Totally Misplaced, But I Have Great News For You’

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Festus Keyamo, the Serve of (State) Work and Business, claims that the “Obidients” have totally misplaced themselves taking after a arrangement of reactions tossed at them within the final few days.

His articulation is contained in a post by means of his confirmed Twitter handle on Sunday.

Keyamo, be that as it may, said he had great news for them.

The serve prompted the sensible ones who he depicted as loyalists among the “Obidients” to rapidly exit the despicable bunch and connect hands with the chosen president to move the nation forward.

He claimed that the Obidients were reviling and swearing at each seen foe and had begun to sound despondent, saying it is prove of a frail mindset.

Portion of his tweet perused,
“Just one sound sent them into a miserable spiral with near associates affirming and denying the sound all at the same time like a ragtag armed force.

“And with the torrential slide of criticisms from improbable quarters within the final few days, they have totally misplaced it. They are reviling and swearing at each seen adversary and are starting to sound miserable. It is prove of a frail mindset.

“But I have great news for them: it is time for the sensible ones who are nationalists among them to rapidly exit that shameful bubble and connect hands with the in-coming organization to move this nation forward. Anything brief of that would be commensurate to ceaselessly ‘living in bondage’!”

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