Buhari thanked Atiku and Peter Obi for trusting the legal system during the presidential election

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President Buhari has praised people who didn’t win the election for being brave and going to court.

Buhari praised the determination of the presidential candidates who went to court to challenge their election loss.

On Sunday, in his final broadcast throughout the whole country, he praised the presidential candidates for having faith in Nigeria’s legal system.

Do you remember that Atiku Abubakar from the Peoples Democratic Party and Peter Obi from the Labour Party did not win the election. Bola Tinubu won instead.

After losing the election, Atiku and Obi went to a court to challenge the results.

The Supreme Court said no to a complaint by the PDP on Friday. They did not want Tinubu’s official ceremony on May 29th to happen because they believed he was nominated twice.

Buhari said the recent presidential election was a very closely fought election.

He said that this year’s Presidential Elections were the most closely fought since the first Republic. This shows that our democracy is improving and becoming more secure with every election.

We need to work hard as a country to keep improving the way we vote, a little bit at a time. This will help Nigeria become an important country in the world.

“Our democracy lets people complain if they think something is unfair. This also allows candidates and political parties who didn’t win to go to court to challenge the results. ”

“Even if the court makes a decision we don’t like, I ask everyone to agree with it and work together to improve Nigeria. ”

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I admire how determined and strong the Presidential Candidates and their political parties are for trusting in our legal system and going to court when they disagreed with the election results.

When we were campaigning, we debated about how to improve Nigeria, but we always agreed that Nigeria needs to improve.

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