Falz, a rapper, said in the song “I Don’t Fear Death, I Can Sacrifice My Life for Justice.”

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Folarin Falana, better known by his stage name Falz, is a Nigerian rapper who has revealed the rationale behind his decision to sing contentious songs about delicate subjects.

A few days ago, Falz released a song in which he criticized INEC, its chairman, and other political parties for how the most recent general elections were conducted. He accused them of taking part in the recently concluded general elections’ alleged electoral fraud.

By speaking the truth, he made it clear that he is not afraid to die, which is why he uses this style of language in his song lyrics.

In an interview with Arise Tv, Falz explained why he chose to release such a contentious music, saying that he would rather perish fighting for justice than remain silent and perish as a result of the country’s broken system.

As stated below.
“When you mentioned that I was conducting this from London, I anticipated that question would be raised. As I mentioned earlier, this is not the first, second, or third time that it has happened.

“I have a ton of confrontational records that I have released. I was lying on the ground at that point. When I released these records, I was always on the ground.

“I’m not trying to hide anywhere, though. Definitely not. Everyone knows where I can be found. If anyone needs to locate me. But I have nothing to worry about. And I always answer this when someone asks me how I can do things like this without worrying about the consequences.

“And the response I always give is the same: the kind of life we are currently leading is one in which we are already largely fading away. The life we lead in Nigeria is not one that is fulfilling.

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“Death is the worst that can happen, after all. I’m not scared of dying. I would rather die standing up for what is right. Instead of someone who, for instance, was walking down the street and was struck by a danfo [bus] because the driver was driving carelessly, I would prefer to be remembered as someone who lived a life that was meaningful.

Or, someone who developed a heart condition and was unable to save himself because there are no hospitals in Nigeria that could do so,” Falz continued.

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