Ezekwesili Takes On Tinubu, Says He Should Have Saved Nigeria From Embarrassment

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After the release of President Bola Tinubu’s academic records by Chicago State University, former Education Minister Oby Ezekwesili voiced her disapproval of him.

According to Ezekwesili, Tinubu might have spared Nigeria some shame by asking CSU to release his transcripts freely.

She remarked that it would have been a more positive example and less traumatic experience.

The ex-minister expressed his disappointment in the lack of openness among Nigeria’s highest officials in a post on X.

Ezekwesili claims that:

How much simpler it would have been if Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu had just asked Chicago State University -CSU to publicly release his academic qualifications when the case first came to light.

How hard could that have been, do you think?

How much easier it would have been on the Nigerian people if such an exemplary admission had been made to clear the air once and for all.

For most Nigerians, it is quite embarrassing to answer foreigners’ sarcastic inquiries about a topic so vital to the country’s honor.

Our public leaders of a particular type hate transparency, yet it’s the only way to prevent embarrassing incidents like this from happening again.

According to one tweet, “As Citizens, at the end of the 2023 electoral process that follows the judgement by the Nigerian Supreme Court @SupremeCourtNg, our work is cut out for us to uncompromisingly demand a root and branch reform of the entire Electoral @inecnigeria and Judicial Systems @njcNig.”

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