Dele Momodu reportedly told the APC, “I’ve repaid Tinubu his £500.”

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Former presidential candidate Dele Momodu claims he repaid Bola Tinubu the £500 he received while the latter was in exile many times over.

Momodu was responding to reports that he had promised to always back Tinubu in an interview.

During his appearance on X on Tuesday, he remarked, “The APC goons will never get tired of circulating their own version of the interview I granted @chudeity a few years ago.”

They’re fixated on the section where I mentioned that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu handed me £500 in London during our exile years, as if that meant I was obligated to treat myself as a slave forever.

Truth be told, I repaid that favor a thousandfold, in ways I won’t disclose, the most prevalent of which is thousands of dollars’ worth of free and regular publicity on Ovation platforms. We refer to this as “creating value”

To quote: “Nowhere did I say I will give unconditional support to Tinubu,”

He added while uploading the entire interview footage.

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