Peter Obi asks the government to help Nigerians leave Sudan, where there is a crisis that is not caused by nature

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Peter Obi from the Labour Party who wanted to be President said to President Muhammadu Buhari’s team that they need to quickly help Nigerians who are having problems in Sudan.

The person who used to be in charge of Anambra State said something after the government explained why they couldn’t save Nigerians in a dangerous part of Africa.

Information Nigeria told us that a fight started last week in Sudan. The army, called the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), fought with another group called the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). They were fighting because they disagreed about how the country should be ruled by civilians. At least 400 people got killed in the fight.

Obi was worried about Nigerians who can’t leave the country. He wrote about it on Twitter on Sunday.

He said that the government should work harder to save around 4000 Nigerians who are mainly students in the country.

I feel upset and worried about the news that Nigerian people stuck in Sudan have not been brought back home. We know Sudan is facing big problems, but we really want the Nigerian government to quickly save around 4000 Nigerian students in Sudan and bring them home safely.

Also, because the problems in Sudan didn’t happen by accident, it would be unhappy if any Nigerians were hurt in the fighting. We need everyone to help build a better Nigeria.

It’s the government’s duty to keep Nigerians safe, whether they’re in Nigeria or other countries. We need to act quickly and show we care because every Nigerian is valuable and their safety is important. Obi tweeted that it’s important and possible to have a better Nigeria.

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