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Speaker of the House of Representatives Tajudeen Abbas called for a review of worker pay in the nation on Monday.

Speaking at an event hosted in his honor by the Nigerian high commission in London, the Speaker revealed this in a statement by his special adviser on media and publicity, Musa Abdullahi Krishi, in Abuja.

In his opinion, it was crucial to consider the compensation that the average worker would require in light of the current financial situation.

He claimed that in order to avoid having to search outside of his legal income, there was a need to develop a living wage that would cover a person’s essential needs.

“The average worker makes less than someone could spend on gas to fill up his automobile. Do you still desire that man to be truthful and open-minded?

“We must step up our efforts to fight corruption. If corruption is the norm, no civilization in this world will ever prosper and be what it aspires to be. However, I concur that there are some things you must do in order to combat corruption, he said.

The success of the UK and other Western nations using a similar strategy was emphasized by Abbas, who continued, “In essence, what they did was to sit down and look at what an ordinary worker will need to be paid as wage.

“Today, a laborer in London will make enough money to go and pay their rent, take care of their basic needs, and yet be able to live rather well.

You don’t need to go and borrow money, beg for money, or steal money if you have that kind of incentive.

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He said, “For us to wage a war on corruption, we need to build an environment that will allow each and every one of us to function honestly without having to steal, threaten, beg, or borrow. That marks the start of the reform.

“We can embark on the measures required to fight corruption if we can establish the rule of law. In addition to battling corruption, we need to foster an atmosphere where an average worker can make enough money to support his family.

According to Abbas, for any progress to be made, Nigeria’s fight against corruption needs to be increased.

He claimed that in order to provide everyone a sense of justice and fairness, the rules of the country must be applied in a way that treats “big and small” alike.

Some Nigerians act as they choose. Depending on the amount of your wallet or the connections you have, you may commit any crime and get away with it. That must go, he declared.

“We will never advance unless we can strengthen our rule of law so that it affects both the big and the small, and it doesn’t look at the face of whoever is committing an offense.”

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