It is interesting how Ghanaians say Nigeria has the most successful people. Ezekwesili said something surprising about it

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Obiageli Ezekwesili, who used to be in charge of education in Nigeria, has said that Ghanaians have a bad habit of saying that the best things that come from Nigeria are actually theirs.

On Monday, Ezekwesili wrote on Twitter that she had seen it happen with Tiwa Savage before, and now she’s seen it happen with Hilda Bassey too.

Do you remember when Tiwa Savage sang at King Charles III’s big ceremony?

She was invited to sing at a special ceremony for a foreign king or queen, and she was the first artist from Nigeria to receive this honor.

But some people from Ghana said on the internet that she is from Ghana.

Ezekwesili saw that some people from Ghana are saying they did what Bassey did, which was cooking for the longest time ever recorded.

She put words down on paper.

Ghanaians challenged us to see who makes the best Jollof Rice. I noticed they keep saying they’re the best at other things. I watched someone do it with Tiwa Savage before, and now I’m seeing them do it with Hilda Bassey.

It’s very funny. How did it begin? It’s funny!

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