Atiku’s legal counsel claims that Adekunle, not Ahmed, appears on the NYSC certificate Tinubu submitted to INEC

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On Thursday, Kalu Kalu, counsel for former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, claimed that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu lied to INEC about the name on the NYSC certificate he filed on behalf of Atiku Abubakar.

The NYSC certificate the President gave to the electoral commission bears the name Bola Adekunle Tinubu, not Bola Ahmed Tinubu, according to a press conference given by Kalu on Thursday in Abuja and organized by Abubakar.

As he put it:

Incorrectly stating that Bola Ahmed Tinubu graduated from Government College, Lagos in 1970 on his application to Chicago State University.

“The same document has it that the owner of that document is a black American, and then the paper Bola Ahmed Tinubu provided to INEC, he denied having dual citizenship, which indicates it does not belong to him.

After that, the deponent states, “Then, the same document under deposition says that the ‘A’ — Bola A. Tinubu is Ahmed, but the NYSC certificate Bola Ahmed Tinubu submitted to INEC has Adekunle.”

Kalu further contended that the President had faked the certificates he had presented to INEC, based on testimony given in court.

“That the qualifying certificate from the South-west College to Chicago State University bears a female, indicating that, that document does not belong to Bola Ahmed Tinubu,” he argued.

Tinubu’s proclamation that Abubakar won the February 25 poll and the tribunal’s judgment that upheld the victory on September 6 are at the heart of Abubakar’s challenge.

The PDP candidate has always claimed that there are many inconsistencies and frauds in Tinubu’s academic credentials.

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