The Appeal Court has ordered the Election Petition Tribunal in Ebonyi to move to Abuja right away

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Monica Mensem, who is the boss judge at the Court of Appeal, said that the people who are dealing with complaints about the election in Ebonyi State have to go to Abuja right now.

On Wednesday, the Tribunal’s Secretary, Nyior Henry Sekulla, told everyone in Abakaliki that Mensem’s order was announced.

Sekulla said that the office for Election Petition Tribunal in Ebonyi was closed after the order was given.

This means “The Honorable.” Justice Monica Dongban Mensem, who is the head of a court, has told a government office in charge of handling complaints about election results to move their meetings from one city to another. The meetings will now be held in Abuja.

Sekulla spoke.

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