As a worker dies in Soakaway, an enraged mob burns a church

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A laborer named Dogo died after slipping into a sewage tank belonging to a church in Badore, Ajah, Lagos State.
The incident occurred on Friday, when the deceased victim was hired by the church’s leadership to labor on the premises.

According to a source in the region, the middle-aged worker began doing his job when one of those living on the church’s premises could no longer see him.

“When the people around him noticed his absence where he was working, they began to look for him,” he explained. His body was discovered in the soakaway when authorities were attempting to locate him.”

The incident was supposed to have sparked panic in the neighborhood, with neighbors alleging that the deceased victim’s body was disfigured and used for ceremonial purposes.

As a result, an enraged mob invaded the church grounds, destroying some property and setting fire to the structure.

“The mob seized a cow that was tied near the church.” They then butchered the cow and distributed the meat across the neighborhood,” the source added.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the state Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the occurrence when contacted.

“Someone was hired to evacuate the septic tank in the church,” he explained. He slipped into the septic tank while conducting the work. He was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead. And some enraged youngsters set fire to the church. The body had not been mutilated. The cops were there, taking pictures, and no portion of his body was removed. “No arrests have been made as of yet.”

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