Aisha Yesufu told Olunloyo that Peter Obi is not a signer of the campaign account

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During the recent election in Nigeria, Aisha Yesufu scolded Kemi Olunloyo for making up lies about the Labour Party’s candidate. Yesufu was part of Peter Obi’s campaign team. Olunloyo said she was an investigative journalist, but Yesufu didn’t believe her.

Kemi posted on Twitter that Mr. was true. Obi was arrested in the UK on Easter Eve for supposedly making illegal money transfers during the recent elections.

Miss Kemi said that Mr Obi was the only one who controlled the money donated by supporters during the election. Even Yusuf Datti, Mr Obi’s partner, did not know how the money moved in and out of the account.

Kemi said something that APC and Tinubu supporters liked, and they shared it a lot on Twitter.

Miss Kemi said that only Obi signed the campaign account, but Aisha Yesufu said that was not true. Mrs. Yesufu said that Mr. Peter Obi and Mr. Datti did not sign the campaign account. She said that there were three people who signed up for the campaign account. These were herself (Aisha Yesufu), someone chosen by Mr Datti, and another person. Mr Peter Obi’s campaign account has 2 Muslim and 1 Christian signatories.

It’s unclear where Kemi Olunloyo and other supporters of APC got the idea that Obi managed campaign funds by himself. It’s unclear why Mr. Obi was detained, and the Home Office wouldn’t give a reason when asked by Premium Times. There’s no evidence it’s related to money laundering.

British Intelligence is investigating Obi’s actions because he used his election campaign to clean a lot of money. During the campaign, only Obi controlled the funds, and not even his deputy, Datti, could touch any money.

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Thank God the man who does everything alone didn’t become Nigeria’s President.

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Aisha Yesufu is a woman who is known for being an activist and speaking out against injustice.

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