Barrister Okeme won the Labour Party’s ticket to be the governor of Kogi

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Barrister Adejo Okeme, who is a lawyer and successful business person, won the Labour party’s nomination to run for governor in the upcoming Kogi election.

Barrister Okeme won the primary election in Lokoja over his competitor AVM Isaac Alfa by getting 127 votes while Isaac Alfa got 69 votes. Okeme is a lawyer from Kogi East area.

Before the Election, Barrister Okeme told reporters that if he becomes governor of the state on January 27th, 2024, his most important things to work on would be finding jobs for people and making sure they get paid on time.

Okeme said that security is very important for businesses to do well. He promised to take security seriously.

As a businessman, I understand that a safe and comfortable environment is essential for a successful business. So, I will take the matter of security very seriously.

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