Address Nigeria’s hunger and insecurity, a Catholic bishop advises the government of Nigeria

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The Most Rev. David Ajang, the Catholic Bishop of the Lafia Diocese, has pushed the Federal Government to act immediately to address both hunger and the security issues the country is currently facing.

At a Thanksgiving Mass hosted by Dr. Emmanuel Akabe, the Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State, at St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Doma on Sunday, Ajang made the announcement.

According to the bishop, addressing hunger and insecurity would not only advance peace but also greatly raise Nigerians’ level of living.

“We are living in a crucial moment where hunger and security are the two main issues.

“I believe that action is necessary,” he declared.

The preacher urged Christians and Nigerians in general to shun evil, citing different Bible passages in support of his claims that doing so would allow them to inherit God’s kingdom.

Ajang also exhorted Nigerians to use the gifts that God has given them to advance national development and peace.

He warned Nigerians to avoid cyberspace and all sorts of criminal activity, especially among the youth.

People used to do Yahoo in secret, but many now take pride in using Yahoo in public.

The bishop counseled, “Young people must desist from all forms of crime, that way our society will be better.”

In order to draw God’s favor and blessings, he exhorted Christians to express thankfulness to God on a daily basis and at all times.

The bishop gave the deputy governor his word that he would back his principal in managing state issues and guaranteed him of his support and unceasing prayers for God’s direction.

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