We Are Not Affiliated With Any Insurrection Plans, Labour Party

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The Department of State Services (DSS) reports that the Labour Party (LP) is not a part of any insurrection plan being planned in Nigeria.

On March 29, the Department of State Services (DSS) alerted the public to a plot to thwart democracy and erect a provisional administration.

Yunusa Tanko, a spokesman for the Labour Party, responded to the development by claiming that the party is not planning any sort of uprising and characterizing it as a plot against the government.

He declared on Channels Television’s Lunch Time Politics on Thursday that “We are not a part of any insurrection plans whatsoever.”.

“However, what I’m saying is that we would defend and protect the interests of the Nigerian people in accordance with the legal provisions that stipulate that you have the right to protest if you are being injured and that you would do so under the protection of the Nigerian security apparatus. That is what we would do, but we would not in any way aid an uprising. “.

Tanko asserted that some of the party’s supporters had been denied the right to vote in some regions of the nation during the 2023 elections and accused the DSS and other security agencies of failing to protect the interests of the Nigerian state.

He continued by saying, “The DSS and the security agencies should come out and protect us even if we are on the streets protesting.

He added that the Labour party would not violate any Nigerian laws. We’re prepared to abide by the democratic system’s laws and rules, he declared.

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