A Nigerian pastor who lives in the UK, named Tomi Arayomi, has been arrested in the United States. After a difficult experience with DSS

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Tomi Arayomi, who started an organization called Restoring Isaachers Generation, said that he was taken by immigration officers when he first got to Houston in the US.

Remember the religious leader was let go by government agents from the DSS because he had been taken into custody for making predictions about politics.

On Friday, the person said on Twitter that a person who works for US immigration took their passport and held them for a little while when they came to the country.

He said someone else helped him get free.

I didn’t plan to tell this story, but something happened when I arrived in Houston for the first time. I don’t know why it happened or if it had to do with my arrest in Nigeria. What I do know is that when I landed, an officer took my passport and brought me to a detention room.

As the door was opening, another officer asked me, “Why are you here?” I replied, “I don’t know!”

She quickly grabbed my passport from the officer and spoke softly into his ear. She walked past me in the detention center like she didn’t know me anymore. I tried to get her attention to say thanks, but she didn’t notice me and kept walking.

I got out in only one minute! I’m not sure if the woman was human or an angel, but I know God is great! I believe God is always with me. “I promise to help you, Satan can’t stop what you’re meant to do! In Jesus’ name, I say you can’t be stopped! I’m grateful for you, whether you’re a woman, person, or angel,” he wrote on Twitter.

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