The Police Service Commission (PSC) is unhappy with what Seun Kuti, who is Fela Kuti’s son, did

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A popular video shows a musician wearing a red shirt and white pants hitting a police officer next to a police car.

He kept asking the policeman if he was crazy and slapped him in pidgin language.

The head of the police committee said that it’s never okay to harm a police officer, even if they did something wrong.

The person who speaks for the Police Service Commission said that the police chief, Mr. Arase, did not like it when the young Kuti slapped the policeman.

We need to use proper ways to complain about police officers who break the rules instead of attacking the symbols of our country’s authority like flags or statues. It’s what civilized people do. We want Kuti to be punished quickly so that it will stop other people from doing bad things. This is what he said.

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Usman Alkali Baba, told the police to arrest Kuti because he attacked a police officer who was working. This was reported by Dailytrust.

The musician spoke about what happened on Instastory. He said that a police officer tried to harm him and his family.

He said the police said sorry and he forgave him.

Kuti spoke.
Someone tried to hurt me and the people in my family. I have the evidence, but I am not seeking attention. He said sorry and I agreed not to take legal action. “Just leave the poor guy alone so he doesn’t lose his job.”

When the police said they wanted to arrest him, the singer said he was okay with it and happy for them to investigate.

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“I am happy to be investigated and will help as much as I can! I hope that anyone who did something wrong will be punished,” he said.

Recently, there was news that Portable, a famous musician, got arrested for bothering some police officers. And now, there is some new information about this situation.

Portable was stopped by the police in Ogun state and taken to their office. Later, he was taken to a court in Ifo Local Government Area and sent to Ilaro Prison until he could meet the requirements for his bail.

The musician was in prison for a short time before he was let go.

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