To vaccinate their goats and sheep, the Kano government has allocated N160 million

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On Wednesday, KSADP spokesman Ameen Yassar made the announcement on behalf of the Kano administration.

The Kano State Agro-pastoral Development Project (KSADP) estimates that its cattle immunization campaign across the state will cost roughly N160 million, or about $2.5 million.

During the launch of community sensitisation to the activity in Kura, near Kano, KSADP project coordinator Ibrahim Muhammad made these disclosures, according to the release.

The project’s goal is to improve the quality of life for herders and livestock breeders with funding from the Islamic Development Bank and the Lives and Livelihood Funds.

Vaccination rates will be increased as part of this project since the health of cattle is directly related to your livelihoods and, by consequence, our economy. Mr. Muhammad mentioned that the goal of the meeting was to increase immunization rates and to get everyone involved in making the exercise a success.

Mr. Muhammad explained that in order to better the lives of the herders, the organization had begun many projects, such as improving the Kadawa Artificial Insemination Centre, building milk collection centers, improving the cattle markets, and implementing a crop residue utilisation programme.

“We shall soon award contract for demarcation of stock routes in Kano,” he stated, “which is major step towards ending conflict between farmers and herders in Kano.”

Kura’s district head (representatively portrayed here by Balarabe Muhammad) revealed that in the three years since the KSADP began routinely vaccinating the region’s livestock, there has not been a single confirmed case of a livestock disease.

Therefore, he ordered the community leaders and village chiefs of the herders under his control to properly mobilize for the next vaccine.

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Zubairu Muhammad, speaking on behalf of the herders of Kura LGA, stated that the locals were well-versed in the practice of livestock vaccination after reaping its benefits for the previous three years.

He expressed gratitude to the Islamic Development Bank and the LLF for their “unflagging support,” saying, “We have seen the impact of the vaccination conducted in the past.”

Since the herders also owned livestock guard dogs, the zonal veterinary director for the Rano zone, Idris Ibrahim, recommended adding rabies immunization to the livestock vaccination campaign.

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