The police in Oyo arrested an 18-year-old boy for killing his father while he was sleeping

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The police in Oyo State showed an 18-year-old boy named Taofeek Adeagbo, who they say killed his own father.

Taofeek’s mom, Rashidat Adeagbo, was also shown to have kept quiet about the killing.

The police in Ibadan showed some people they think did something wrong on Friday. The police spokesperson, Adewale Osifeso, said it happened in Tede, in Atisbo Local Government Area.

Osifeso spoke.

On April 21, 2023, Friday morning around 8 am, Adeagbo Taofeek from Somola area Tede reported to the police that his nephew Adeagbo Ismail told him that his father, Adeagbo Jimoh, was found dead with a violent injury to his forehead in their house at 6 am that morning.

He said they’re still looking into it, but it seems like the person hit their dad on the head while he was sleeping and he died.

He said that his mother knew he killed his father but kept it a secret. Adeagbo Rashidat was caught by the police.

But when Rasheed Adeagbo’s mother was interviewed, she said that she saw her husband’s dead body on the ground when she woke up one day.

She spoke.
I woke up the kids to pray, but found my husband dead on the floor. I called for help and some people came to our place. Taofeek went to tell his family that his father has passed away.

I have seven kids with my husband who passed away. Even though we used to argue, I would never want him to die.

The family told the police about what happened at the police station. The police team wanted to see all the kids. I didn’t think Taofeek was there, but then I found out he was hiding under the bed. “I asked him if he knew about his father’s death and he admitted to doing it,” she told.

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