The Information Minister of Nigeria: Journalists in Nigeria Pay the Ultimate Price Like Soldiers and Deserve Better

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On Monday, the federal government said that journalists should be supported and compensated properly since they deserve improved working conditions.

Minister of Information and National Orientation Mohammed Idris remarked in an interview that journalists, like members of the armed services, often have to risk their lives to do their jobs.

Reporters’ “peculiarity” pay is a hotly debated topic. But we can all agree that journalists should be supported and paid fairly for their work.

This is so because, like our military forces, they often pay the ultimate sacrifice while doing their jobs in the most trying of circumstances.

“You see journalists embedded with members of the armed services numerous times, and many of them come back with injuries from fighting militants in the country.

You’ve heard about the recent tragedy in Zamfara where a journalist was killed by bandits.

All information ministers would agree that the above behaviors should be stopped since they are undesirable.

I think journalists deserve better working conditions. I’m also aware that they are constrained by our national economic space.

Idris was reported by News Agency of Nigeria as saying, “It is, therefore necessary that we look, not in part, but in whole, that at the end of the day, we are also seen to be responsible citizens of the country.”

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