TG Omori says that he wants to start a company under his mother’s name because he is motivated by Hakimi

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A director of music videos from Nigeria, named TG Omori, has said that he got motivation from hearing that a famous soccer player, named Achraf Hakimi, put most of his money in his mom’s bank account. The soccer player works for a team called PSG and earns €1 million.

Some people were talking about how Hakim’s ex-wife wanted more than half of his money in their divorce. Her lawyer told her that Hakim doesn’t have any money because he gave it to his mom a long time ago.

Omori said he felt motivated and wants to start a company with his mother’s name.

He wrote a message on Twitter.

Thank you, Hakimi, for letting me know. Thank God and his sons’ business will be opening soon.

Do you remember that Hakimi’s ex-wife, Hiba Abouk, told everyone a few weeks ago that she and the football star are not married anymore?

The actress wants a divorce because the PSG player was accused of rape by the French Prosecutor.

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