“Bad Captain, No Leadership Traits” – Online User Blasts Messi After UCL Exit (See What He Said)



An online user has taken swipe at the Barcelona captain, Lionel Messi after Barcelona were ousted by Liverpool in the second leg of semi-final UCL despite defeating Liverpool 3-0 in the first leg.

Posted on Facebook by one Akham Praiseworthy Ayo-Akano, He mentioned how Messi is a bad captain and how he failed to motivate his mates in search for just one goal as the captain of the team. He mentioned this is an aspect where Ronaldo is better!

Read what he posted on Facebook below:

A case study of Liverpool/Barcelona.

Sometimes you need a motivator. The talent is not enough.

Messi needs to go through thorough training on captaincy. He’s a great footballer on the pitch but that ends when the game favours his club.

Whenever Barca is losing, you wouldn’t imagine the captain of the team rubbing hands on his head.

Istanbul history of Liverpool vs AC is fresh, imagine a Liverpool team by 3 goals down. Gerrard’s magnetic actions was historic, cheering the fans, the players and force their mind to know anything is achievable.

Ronaldo at the Euro semis got an injury. It was a heavy news to digest, our dear CR7 wouldn’t play in the final, look what he did in the final.

His coaching prowess overshadowed the original manager, he shouted at the line, motivated, dramatized and Portugal won the trophy without their best player. That’s how captains behave.

Henderson is one of the most useless player in Liverpool’s squad, but look at his actions yesterday, he’s the one running to pick balls, when a captain acts like this. It’s a motivation to other players.

Messi is a football god but lacks captaincy traits. A player who has lost finals in country side and all what he thought of was retirement. Dang! A whole captain of the team.

All what was needed yesterday was an acting captain, shout at your players, vex at the ones playing rubbish, be the coach inside the pitch. Your team needed only 1goal, it would come out. You were not in your best but you could ginger the beast in others. Omg!! Just only 1 goal.

I know you wouldn’t agree that’s another angle where Ronaldo is better. Nigga will try all possible best to bring out one goal in such crucial match and if he couldn’t score. I can bet he would shout, rant, para at referee at any available moment. This disturbs your opponent, it’s psychological.

Football is more than a talent. It involves psychology. Someone who is not up to your standard could beat you up if he’s smart to carry himself or mates in a more mental way.

Reasons Ronaldo couldn’t become a captain ahead of Ramos. Captaincy is beyond the primary assignment.

Shoooout! Gingeeeer! Many Messi fans wouldn’t blame him though it’s understandable. But it’s a lesson, be a leader even after you are good at what you do!!

Messi is a good footballer, but things like this are what we see that makes us think CR7 is better. Just 1 goal.1 goal!!!. Damn. Messi is a sheep not a goat!!

If you insult me, it wouldn’t pain me, I’m still happy Messi couldn’t reach UCL finals for 2 consecutive seasons even after winning up to 3 goals margin in the semis first leg.  

Tueh, something my own GOAT did 3 times consecutively and got the trophy!!! 


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