Reaction as Defeated Politician Returns His Ambulance

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After losing an election in 2021, prominent Ugandan politician Honourable Evelyn Anite stated why she took back an ambulance that had been supplied to her area.

It has been reported that Evelyn, like many politicians, distributed cash and other items during her election campaign in the hopes of securing a large number of votes.

On October 3, 2023, the African Facts Zone posted via X about how, after losing an election, Honourable Anite reclaimed the ambulance she had gifted to her area.

Words to the effect of,

After losing an election in 2021, “Ugandan Politician Evelyn Anite took back an ambulance she donated to her district.”

Anite, who is now the Ugandan State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization, responded to the post and acknowledged she had indeed recovered the ambulance, for which she offered no apologies.

The minister claimed she wouldn’t give up without a fight after the community she gave the ambulance to rejected her at the polls.

She then cited scripture to support her decision to sell the ambulance and said she had nothing to be embarrassed of.

While composing, she remarked,

“First, I admit that I returned my ambulance, and I make no apologies for doing so. Exactly why did I choose to do that? That’s because they rejected me in the polls. So, what, did you think I’d leave with nothing? To paraphrase Galatians 6:7: “Man reaps what he sows.” I’m so dishonest that I really sold it.

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