Price of cement: Nigerian government pledges to repair roads and lower import taxes

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The federal government promises to focus more on road maintenance and look into ways to reduce import levies and gas prices in order to lower the exorbitant price of cement across the country.

This is a portion of the statement that was released following a Monday in Abuja meeting between the government and the principal cement producers.

The communiqué was signed by Senator David Umahi, Minister of Works, Mrs. Doris Uzoka-Anite, Minister of Trade and Investment, and the three main cement producers, Dangote Plc, BUA Plc, and Lafarge Plc.

The letter states that the government was aware of the difficulties listed by the producers, which include high foreign exchange rates, poor road networks, high gas prices, high import duties on spare parts, and cement smuggling to neighboring countries.

The Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment decided at the end of the meeting to ask President Bola Tinubu for certain remedies regarding the price of gas and import tariffs.

The Federal Ministry of Works would focus more on road maintenance, particularly in the vicinity of the manufacturing facilities.

The National Security Advisor and the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment were to have a closer working relationship on cement smuggling in order to combat this threat.

The gathering also decided that several places around the country were experiencing unusually high cement prices at the moment.

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