Beautiful OAU final year student dies in a fatal road accident (Photos)



A beautiful final year student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, identified as Ebenezer Chiwendu Linda has lost her life in a fatal road accident at Mayfair, a busy bus-stop in Ile-Ife. Wendy as she was popularly known was at the last phase in the race to become a chartered account before her death. An eyewitness of the incident wrote; I went to town after classes this afternoon. When we got to Mayfair, I noticed there was a commotion. People were shouting… blah blah.. apparently there was an accident that happened just BEHIND my bus. So this bike man fell off that busy Mayfair road with his female passenger, and while he ran for his life, she got stuck on the floor and a bus went over her. I honestly have never been this horrified. This girl was carried amidst shocked people (I dunno how I got down from the bus). The confusion was just crazy. They didn’t Know what to do, someone started pouring water over her. Someone suggested Health center(which was rejected). This girl was running out of breath!! The old women around me started chanting “Blood of Jesus” when this girl needed help urgently. They finally agreed on OAUTH and left with her on a bike. I finally found the strength to close to mouth and just couldn’t get her out of my mind. I heard tonight that she died. Her name is Wendy, a final year student of Accounting. She was so beautiful.. See some of her photos below; 


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