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The first step to getting a cleaning job in Canada is looking for them. Look at local job boards and online resources like Indeed and Monster for available positions. Search for local cleaning businesses and peruse their career pages; many of them offer openings online.

The next step, after discovering promising postings, is to polish your application materials. Pay special attention to any housekeeping, office cleaning, or janitorial experience you may have. Describe relevant experience and abilities, such as using cleaning equipment, being familiar with safe cleaning chemicals and methods, and having strong physical stamina.

Do not wait for positions that interest you to be posted before applying. Your odds of success increase the sooner you apply. Include a personalized cover letter with your resume in which you convey your interest in the position. Please describe your qualifications and expertise in the field.

Prepare thoroughly in case you are called for an interview. You should have references from past employment where you cleaned or dealt with customers ready to give. Please provide documents of any training or certification you have earned. Maintain eye contact and dress formally to exude self-assurance and interest.

The following are examples of possible inquiries:

  • The question is, “Why do you want to be a cleaner?” Describe how much you appreciate working hard and how much you want to help people.
  • Would you be available to work late or on the weekend? Just say yes; your availability and options are completely wide open.
  • What would you do if a customer complained? Pay close attention to the customer, learn about their problems, and address them thoroughly.
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A cleaning job in Canada is accessible to everybody with the correct mindset and level of preparation. The ideal job could be right around the corner if you have an open mind and follow up after your interview.

Build a Remarkable Application for a Housekeeping Position

A CV that stands out from the crowd is essential if you want to get hired for a cleaning position in Canada. How to make your cleaning experience stand out on a resume:

You should highlight your relevant work history. Emphasize any experience you have had in a similar role, such as cleaning, janitorial work, housekeeping, etc. Explain what you did, what you accomplished, and what you learned while working there. Showcase your ability to multitask, manage your time effectively, and move large objects if you don’t have any specific cleaning experience.

Describe your most valuable abilities. Skills using vacuum cleaners, mops, and polishers are a must for cleaning jobs and should be highlighted. Highlight your dependability, honesty, fitness, and meticulousness. Work in words like “dedicated,” “responsible,” and “dependable” wherever possible.

Attend classes and pass exams (if necessary). Certification or training in areas such as disinfection, sanitation, or the use of industrial cleaning chemicals may be necessary for some cleaning tasks. List your relevant certifications and coursework prominently.

Do well in your referrals. Find people who can vouch for your work ethic, pleasant attitude, ability to follow instructions, etc. in past jobs or as teachers or mentors to use as references. Additionally, you can request a LinkedIn endorsement.

Make the layout easy to understand. Your resume needs to be brief, well-structured, and simple to read. Make sure to clearly label your sections “Experience,” “Skills,” “Education,” “References,” etc. Keep things simple yet powerful. Make sure the typeface is easy to see, and that there is sufficient spacing between paragraphs and headings.

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If you want to get an interview for a cleaning job in Canada, you need a resume that highlights your experience, talents, training, and excellent references. All the best!

Canada is hiring cleaners, so get in touch!

Try Surfing Job Boards Online

Cleaning jobs in Canada can be found mostly on internet job boards such as Indeed, Monster, and Craigslist. You can narrow your search results on these sites based on factors like region, job category, employer, and more. Use terms like “cleaning service,” “janitorial service,” “custodial service,” and “building maintenance” in your search. Keep an eye out for postings using phrases like “urgent hiring” or “immediate start” as these may help you move forward in your job search more quickly.

Check Out Their Websites

There are a lot of janitorial and cleaning businesses that have their own employment boards. Search online for local businesses, and then check their websites for job openings. ISS Facility Services, ABM Industries, and Aramark are just a few of the large corporations with locations all around Canada. Look around your community for smaller businesses as well.

Build Your Contacts and Your Network

Don’t discount the value of making connections with others. Inquire among loved ones as to whether or whether anyone they know is aware of any cleaning positions at their place of employment. Get the word out to your network of previous coworkers, teachers, and/or mentors that you are currently seeking employment. Post ads in local Facebook groups advertising your cleaning services. It’s possible that someone you know can put you in touch with a resource.

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Think About Using Contract Workers

Cleaning, janitorial, and housekeeping positions are typically available through temporary staffing firms. You can have your abilities and availability evaluated by placement firms like Adecco, Kelly Services, and Randstad. The skills and experience you obtain at a temporary employment might be very useful in your search for a permanent position.

Gather Your Application Information

When you locate desirable employment opportunities, you must apply for them. Get the following ready to go:

Resume emphasis on customer service, maintenance, and cleaning experience. Highlight abilities like physical labor, individual initiative, and excellent customer service.
A cover letter detailing why you want this job in particular. Include the company and job title in your description. Your cover letter should be brief, but should show your enthusiasm for the position.

References from previous managers or superiors attesting to your reliability and thoroughness in housekeeping. Get in touch with them, but be sure to use up-to-date information.
Any credentials, such as WHMIS, that may be required for the position. The more competent and well-prepared you seem, the more likely you are to get an interview.

If you keep at it and have the correct attitude, you can find a cleaning job in Canada in no time. Don’t give up on your job search or networking efforts. You never know when the right chance will present itself.

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