It is unacceptable to pay a primary school teacher less than N250,000 per month. Representatives’ Committee on Education and Labor

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The House Committee on Higher Education has requested that all levels of education receive pay raises.

This demand was made by Committee Chairman Abubakar Fulata on Thursday during a One-Day National Stakeholders’ Workshop in Abuja to develop a Roadmap for the Nigerian Education Sector (2023-2027).

However, he suggested a monthly pay of N250,000 for elementary school instructors, N500,000 for high school teachers, and N1,000,000 for university professors.

To catch up with the rest of the world, Fulata argued, it is crucial to give Nigerian teachers a living wage and to have all subject texts translated into local languages.

According to him, previous governments’ attempts to fix the school system’s problems fell short.

It’s worrying that, after decades of work and a variety of strategies from different governments, the education system has made so little progress toward recovery and improvement.

“The native tongue of a country has always been the focus of the study of the language of instruction.

Education in the United Kingdom is conducted in English. In France, the language of instruction is French from kindergarten through college.

You are responsible for making English the medium of teaching in Nigeria. Our issue has always been that we are using foreign languages to instruct our children on topics that should have been covered in their own tongue.

Math, physics, chemistry, and any other science textbooks should be translated into our native tongues. If we keep on educating our kids in a foreign language, there’s no chance we’ll ever catch up to the rest of the world.

The minimum monthly salary for a public school teacher should be N250,000, the minimum salary for a secondary school teacher should be N500,000, and the minimum salary for a university professor should be N1 million.

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A national education emergency must be declared. Twenty-five to thirty percent of our national budget should be allocated to education.

It is time, he continued, that we give teachers a fair wage for the important work they do educating future generations.

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