How Law Enforcement Captured a Quack Lawyer Who Won All 26 of His Cases in Court

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Brian Mwenda, posing as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, has been detained in Kenya after he allegedly won 26 cases.

Reportedly, before his arrest, the lawyer had successfully represented 26 clients in front of High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges.

The Rapid Action Team (RAT) of the Nairobi Branch of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) arrested him under false pretenses.

The RAT was able to track him down after receiving numerous citizen complaints.

The Nairobi Branch of X has made public the fact that he is not a licensed attorney or advocate in Kenya.

The notification stated, in part, that “the man has been presenting and conducting himself as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a member of LSK Nairobi Branch.”

He is currently being kept at RAT headquarters while his case is looked into.

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