GRV’s wife criticizes the opposition for attacking her husband because he cannot speak Yoruba

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Ify Rhodes-Vivour, the wife of Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Labour Party (LP) candidate for governor of Lagos State, has criticized those who have criticized her husband for not being able to speak Yoruba.

Prior to the 2023 governor’s race, the LP candidate’s name, state of origin, and inability to speak Yoruba were all the subject of controversy.

Ify referred to those who opposed her spouse as “bigots” in a post on her Twitter account and expressed her hope that they would still have that attitude when they went to hospitals both domestically and abroad for medical care.

Ify claims that during the Lagos governor’s election, death was staring people in the face and that some people lost their lives.

Elections have repercussions, according to Ify, and bigots have no control over public opinion once they set a precedent.

Ify Rhodes-Vivour rejected the election results, claiming that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) results did not reflect the preferences of the peaceful Lagosians. LP, she claimed, had won the election.

She uttered:.
The bigots in Nigeria who claim they can’t vote for a man because he doesn’t speak their language should read this.

“I hope you keep the same vigor by only getting medical care from surgeons and doctors who speak your language, both at home and abroad. With this madness, you had better be consistent.

“During this election, death was a constant reminder to voters. Some people perished. The perpetrators of the bigotry did not “withhold” it. Election results have repercussions. The public’s response is beyond the control of bigots once they set a precedent. Consequently, it might be challenging to draw a line.

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The majority of peaceful Lagosians’ wishes were not reflected in the results, but our agents’ predictions and the results from the situation room showed that we prevailed. “

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