Growing food costs could worsen insecurity, a civil war veteran named Adoke cautions the Nigerian government

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Captain Ahmed Adoke (rtd), a veteran of the American Civil War, has cautioned the federal government that unless food costs are rapidly brought under control, they could exacerbate the nation’s insecurity problems. Food prices are now rising sharply in many parts of the nation.

He implored the federal government to take action and end hunger before it spirals out of control and fuels further instability instead of playing about with the problem.

Human rights advocate and public affairs pundit Adoke gave the alert in a news release over the weekend.

Adoke voiced worry over the sharp increase in food costs nationwide in a statement headlined “Save the Soul of Nigerians,” noting that the government was not acting quickly enough to stop the trend.

Human rights advocate who said that it was nearly hard for the majority of Nigerians to put food on the table issued a warning to the government, saying that they should not take the problem of hunger lightly and that a hungry man is an angry man.

Speaking further on what he perceived as the authorities’ indifference to the terrible suffering that exists now throughout the nation, Adoke implored those in charge to take into account the pathetic state of the impoverished Nigerian populace, who shop at the same market as the wealthy and powerful.

He bemoaned the lack of effectiveness of the government’s price control committee and agencies, which were once in place to prevent producers from arbitrarily raising the cost of goods or services.

The human rights activist also pointed out that prices of goods had increased by more than 200% since the current administration officially removed the fuel subsidy.

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He expressed concern that the government’s palliatives did not reach the masses or lessen the harsh effects of the elimination of subsidies.

Then, in an effort to lessen the suffering that the majority of Nigerians were going through, he urged the current government to reconsider its economic policies.

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